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Photo by: Kristine Marie Photography

My Story

B.S. Health Studies, Georgetown University

MBA, University of Rochester

Certified Master Health Coach, Dr.Sears Wellness Institute 

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant 

Certified Babywearing Educator, Center for Babywearing Studies

Post-trauma growth coach, Organic Intelligence®

Hi, my name is Jarrah and I dreamed of owning my own business since I was 13. I am thrilled to be here serving you and your family.


There is an art to making a pivot. Books have been written about it, scholars have studied it, and I have danced it. Perhaps, that is where I first learned the skill, in ballet class at the age of 3. The funny thing about a pivot is that no matter what, all the lines from beginning, to middle, to end, are connected. It truly does make a path and I knew my path was to help other people in amazing ways.


My pivot from the board room to breastfeeding services was born when I saw family and friends struggle with breastfeeding; I wished I could have helped them more. I also noticed they had limited resources to lactation consultants of color. In the end, I became a lactation consultant because I knew this is where I could be the most impactful, and this is where my community needed me to be. And when I hit my struggles with breastfeeding, it was my wonderful friends and IBCLCs that helped me through the rough moments.

Around the same time that I started studying lactation, I became interested in somatic work. Having felt the effects of work/life stress, I started studying how emotions can not only impact our mental states, but our bodies as well. As I was exposed to Organic Intelligence®, I saw how a more easeful path toward wholeness was possible.  OI's unique approach to focusing on what is right, rather than on what is wrong, makes all the difference when forming meaningful changes in one's life. 


I will forever be in amazement of how our human bodies can grow babies and sustain life. We were designed to do this. Sometimes it takes significant effort, but it always takes a lot of support. 


We are also designed to be well, fulfilled, and have purpose. We are tribal in nature and can do so much more when we have ample support from our circles of influence. Knowledge is only part of the equation. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your circle of care and join in supporting you on your wellness journey.

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