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Lactation + Postpartum Support

Providing breastfeeding/chestfeeding and bottle feeding lactation services with kindness and care

Supply & Positioning

Investigate production concerns, provide supplementation guidance and nutrition recommendations


Review optimal alignment on breast and bottle, enhance comfort 



Guided instruction on best practices for carrying infants and babies, customized recommendations and fit assessment based on specific needs

Appreciative Coaching

Positive reinforcement and  emotional attunement to increase self-efficacy, bonding, and attachment while encouraging mindfulness and enjoyment along the journey


Oral Assessment

​Comprehensive evaluation of latch and  suck assessment including tongue, lip, and cheek movement and functionality of tethered oral tissues


Elevate your confidence in your postpartum journey

"Compassion is the spontaneous wisdom of the heart. It's always with us. It always has been, and always will be. When it arises in us, we've simply learned to see how strong and safe we really are." 

~Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche


Postpartum Lactation Consultation
  • Support feeding or pumping, including flange fittings

  • Treatment of lactation conditions including clogged ducts, engorgement, mastitis, thrush, nipple plain

  • Inducing or re-inducing lactation

  • Return to work, balancing solids, weaning

Prenatal Lactation Consultation

  • Additional support pre-baby

  • Support with underlying medical/health concerns that could impact lactation

Babywearing Consultation

  • Assistance in finding a carrier best suited to your needs and assistance with wearing a baby comfortably and safely. 

Click Book an Appointment below for pricing. If the fees are unaffordable, we have a foundation that provides reduced fee consultations. Please contact me for more information. (

Currently accepting clients for in-person and virtual visits. All are welcomed, LGBTQIA+ inclusive space.

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