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Wellness Coaching

Creating opportunities for self-healing by shepherding states of growth

Our bodies do not exist apart from us or from nature. Traumas experienced specifically, ancestrally, and environmentally can keep our bodies, our systems, stuck in patterns of flight/fright/freeze, but we inherently want to flow as all elements do in a system. Our hearts beat in a rhythm; each inhalation brings acceleration and exhale brings relaxation; the tide ebbs and rises, the seasons change with each one having a purpose that prepares us for the next.  Stresses can get us out of sync with this innate intelligence and sometimes we need support getting back to balance. Post-trauma growth coaching gently grows capacity for oscillation and movement, and rebuilds our capacity for safety, wellness, and ultimately, joy.


Stabilize your nervous system

Move beyond fixated patterns, intense highs and lows, and freeze

Post-trauma growth wellness coaching within the Organic Intelligence® paradigm looks to the underlying nervous system to uncover what is inherently stabilizing and organizing within us. Sessions will look and feel different than other models focused on the content of the trauma.  In coaching, attention is given first to provide stability to our system: we work to notice the gifts from the present environment. This gently melts fixated patterns and provides the space for our self-healing nature to flourish. This subtle but important step of differentiation opens the door for our traumas to start detaching from our post-trauma existence in the present moment. The more differentiation occurs, the greater degree of freedom and movement. Once there is an easeful experience of safety and freedom, coaching is directed towards deepening the experience of these organizing elements, which recharges our system. Over time, this cultivation and expansion creates intrinsic impulses that move us towards what brings us joy.

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